Owner and Operator Keys

Agent Admin

Agent smart contracts have 2 important keys - the owner and the operator - the owner and the operator are inspired by the Filecoin Miner Actor's owner and worker keys. Only the Storage Provider should have access to these keys, and it's important to keep them private and safe.

  1. Owner - Has executive priviledges to borrow funds, withdraw funds from the Agent, and remove Miner Actors from the Agent. The owner can also change the operator. The owner is usually held by an SP's management, since it is the only key that can actually move equity in and out of the Agent.

  2. Operator - Can operate the Agent by making payments, changing worker addresses on any of the Agent's Miner Actors, and move funds to & from the Agent to any of its Miner Actors.

Changing Owner/Operator addresses

Similar to how owner keys on the Filecoin Miner Actor are changed, changing an Agent's owner or operator is a two step process:

  1. The current owner/operator proposes an ownership change, supplying the new owner/operator address to takeover the role

  2. The proposed owner/operator accepts the ownership change

This handshake process is a more secure way to ensure owner and operator keys are not accidentally given to the wrong address.

Smart contract owners

The Agent's owner can also be another smart contract, which opens the door for new primitives to be built on top of the Agent architecture. Entirely new DeFi protocols will exist on top of Agents, and Storage Providers will eventually be able to install Agent plugins and wrappers, enabling them to tap into new DeFi services on Filecoin.

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