Add/Remove Miners

In order to pledge a Filecoin Miner Actor to an Agent smart contract, the Agent smart contract must become the owner of the Filecoin Miner Actor. This section of the docs explains more about how Filecoin Miner Actor ownership changes work, and how to add and remove miners from your Agent.

Filecoin Miner Actor Ownership Changes

Outside of anything related to GLIF, a Filecoin Miner Actor has an owner key that is allowed to withdraw balances from the Miner. Sometimes it's necessary to change this owner key to participate in lending programs or increase the Miner's security profile.

Changing the owner of a Filecoin Miner Actor occurs in two steps:

  1. The current Filecoin Miner Actor's owner must submit an ownership change proposal to the miner

  2. The proposed owner must approve the ownership change proposal

Add/Remove Miners from an Agent

When it comes to GLIF, the current owner of the Miner Actor should propose an ownership change to their Miner Actor to make the GLIF Agent smart contract the new owner. After that, the Agent smart contract can approve the ownership change using:

glif agent miners add <miner-id>

A single Agent smart contract can own many individual Miner Actors to increase its aggregate equity and borrowing power.

In order to remove a Miner Actor from your Agent works in reverse - the Agent smart contract proposes the ownership change to its Miner Actor, and then the new proposed owner must confirm the ownership change, outside GLIF. To submit an ownership proposal change from your Agent to one of its Miner Actors, run:

glif agent miners remove <miner-id> <new-owner-address>

At any time, you can check which Miners are owned by your Agent by running:

glif agent miners list

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