Agent Data Oracle

The FVM runtime does not provide much rich, contextual, or historical data about SPs. Even if it did, it would be gas intensive in a L1 smart contract environment to make accurate risk computations on-chain. The ADO is an off-chain data aggregator that allows the pools to receive any real-time and/or historical data on SPs securely and at a very low cost. Each pool can receive its own unique data from the ADO, allowing maximum flexibility.

When an Agent wants to take an action like borrowing funds from a pool, it must first make a request to the ADO to get a credential. The ADO makes its security checks, and issues a signed credential to the Agent containing the latest snapshot of data concerning the associated Agent and all of its associated miner actors. The Agent then takes this credential to the pool it wants to borrow from, which the pool uses to make a decision about approving the action.

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